Psychotherapy and Counselling in Plymouth

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Plymouth Are you unhappy with an element of your life and not sure how to fix it? Facilitating change and helping people meet their goals is exactly what I do.

Using tried and trusted methods such as counselling and psychotherapy, I have helped many people turn their lives around. My inherent passion for the job is what makes the difference and I approach each case with the same enthusiasm. 


'The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change'- Carl Rogers 


How can I help you?

You might be suffering from depression, having relationship issues, struggling with anger management or facing any number of psychological difficulties. There aren’t many situations in which I don’t have experience, and I’ll use a blend of my skills to address your problems and help you overcome them.

My job is my vocation and I find great satisfaction in helping people. The process of therapy is a delicate one, and each case is certainly unique; The 'What is Therapy' page on this site goes a little further to provide undestanding about how it works for you.  If you feel you need to know a little more about me, please look here.

Please call me on 01752 216989 or 07832 130190 if you’d like to talk about how I can help, or contact me through the web site.


Can I afford it?

Therapy isn’t about frequency as much as it’s about regularity. If you’re concerned about cost, we can work out a regular plan that suits your budget.

As long as we meet on a regular basis, you will benefit.


"Through Ben's help, I have been given the opportunity to reflect on my life choices for the better and to deal with any problems as they have arisen" (See more testimonials)


What do you do?

I have included more detail within this site about my skills but in brief, as well as offering counselling and psychotherapy, I am also qualified in hypnotherapy and auricular acupuncture. These skills are particularly useful in helping with, for example smoking cessation and weight management, as well as many other physical and pschological issues.


For those of you already in the profession, I am also a qualified and experienced Supervisor.  Please take a look at my page or get in touch for more information.


Is it scary?

Many people are nervous when they start to consider therapy. They aren’t quite sure what to expect – that’s why I’ve provided plenty of information within my website, which I hope you enjoy browsing.

I want to clear up any questions you might have so that you feel comfortable and confident enough to take that first step.  I have also included in this site, a 'Useful Information' page which should answer and questions about my requirements through our work together.


What is 'that first step'?

If you want to talk anything through, please feel very welcome to get in touch. I’d be very happy to answer your questions and we can also arrange an introductory session.

This introductory session will help me to establish whether I am able to help and, if so, what I need to do in order to get you on the right path. Before we meet, I’ll ask you a few questions so that I’m well-prepared in advance.

Let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

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