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Many years ago, in a place far, far away, I wrote a poem.  The poem got published, but I remember at the time not wanting credit, as it was quite personal to me.  I hadn’t considered at the time, the effect that it might have had on others.  It has since come back to me on several occasions, in the work that I have done with others, and I have learned how helpful it has been to individuals, and in one venue, to a group of people over the years.  Hence, I offer it again, as a signpost to others.  This time I will take the credit for writing it.




It’s time to slay the dragon,

The one I’ve been chasing for years,

He used to be such fun to play with,

These days, he just brings me tears,

Once he gave my mind freedom,

For a while I had control,

Then he grew big and took over,

Addiction was part of the toll,

So, if you’re looking for something to play with,

You’d be better of buying a mouse,

Cos dragons get very expensive,

And eat all that you have in the house,

Its time to put on some armour,

Just like St George I will be,

It’s time to slay the dragon,

Before the dragon kills me,


I have seen a different version, where someone has added a couple of lines, or verses, I don’t remember now just how much.  When it was written originally, it stopped where it stopped.  I make no comment on the addition, other than acknowledge that because it was special to me when it was written, it was a bit like dressing your kid to go to nursery and finding that someone had redressed it in their own style of clothing.  It didn’t quite sit right.  Looking back, I guess that if it inspired someone to add something, it has had them thinking about it and it served a purpose on the way, so I should say thank you.  I offer only the original piece.  Enjoy.

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