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If you have lost someone you love and unable to get back to routine, I'll be able to help you. You'll find life-changing peace and balance with my trusted therapies and counselling methods. If you're located in and around Plymouth, contact Ben Selby Counselling today!

Reviews from our happy and satisfied customers

"Ben made the therapy easy to understand and listened without question.   The best counsellor I have seen and I've seen a few!" Anonymous Client

"I really didn’t hold out much hope that counselling would help me but I’m so glad I found Ben. From the outset of session 1, I felt at ease and worthy. The perspective Ben encouraged me to consider at the same time as listening without judgement, really helped me to talk about things I didn’t realise I needed to. Ben is clearly passionate about helping people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services. Don’t underestimate counselling and use Ben if you have a choice!" Anonymous Client

"I was nervous about trying counselling but could not be more pleased that I did.  It was a great experience that I have no doubt will benefit me for the rest of my life". Anonymous Client

"Ben's counselling has helped me to understand certain relationship issues from a man's perspective (if I am permitted to say so!) and I have learned useful strategies for managing communication in my marriage" Anonymous Client

"I had therapy with Ben for approximately 18 months.  I always felt safe and that I was listened to with compassion and empathy.  Ben has helped me to heal and move on from the things that were holding me back in life.  I am stronger, more confident and I have learned to take the reins in my own life and more importantly to me, I have found a lot of peace.  Thank you Ben, you are one in a million" Tracey

"Very helpful and easy to talk to" Anonymous Client

"I have always scoffed at people who say they are depressed and thought ‘get over it!’. I was so wrong – my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering. My advice – be honest with yourself and get help before it’s too late – Go and see Ben right away. Do it!" Anonymous Client

"Ben was incredibly supportive, insightful and I enjoyed engaging with him. His encouragement and understanding has given me the tolls to be able to cope with the things I found difficult before my sessions" Anonymous client

"You have helped us talk to each other again - thank you" Anonymous Couple

"Thank you for your help.  You helped us to beat down the difficulties we were facing in our relationship" Anonymous Couple

"Ben listened and acknowledged my feelings as genuine feelings, rather than feelings arising only as a result of having depression" Anonymous client

"I felt completely heard and understood by Ben who helped me understand so much about my past life experiences and current patterns of relating - strongly recommended" Doris

"Ben helped me get my life back and focus on the things that really matter, Thanks Ben!" Mr Goodsmith

"When I had my first therapy session, I thought I would feel uncomfortable and not know how to start discussing my feelings.  Within five minutes, I felt at ease and was able to describe how I was feeling.  Ben helped me understand my feelings and this enabled me to move  forward." Anonymous Female Client

"I felt happy and comfortable throughout the sessions" Anonymous Female Client

"After having my therapy, I am a compleley different person, to who I was when I started.  I have new goals in life; I am beginning to believe in me, and do things for myself.  In therapy, I felt that Ben listened to me and understood as he remembered what we talked about from the sessions before.  Ben is the first person I felt that has understood what I have been trying to say."  Anonymous female client

"Ben dealt well with, what on the surface was probably a small presenting issue, and we explored that with as much care as the bigger themes lying behind it, which of course, the series of sessions uncovered" Anonymous Client

"I contacted Ben at a time when I couldn't get myself out of a consuming personal problem.  Ben was patient and honest and over a period of four months, I went on a positive journey of self awareness".  Male client

"I cannot begin to explain just how much Ben has helped me.  From my first session, I felt able to open up to Ben about things I previously had been scared to share.  I started to make progress and see changes in myself from day one.  Watching myself grow throughout my sessions was incredibly important and reassuring for me." Male client

"I first came to Ben in a desperate state with little understanding about the reasons for my anxiety. Ben has helped me open my eyes and mind to what is achievable and has enabled me to turn my life around. Ben’s gentle but honest approach, his openness and views helped to open new avenues and ways of thinking. I will forever be grateful to Ben for helping me find my happy."  Laura

"The fire in my stomach that fuels me to rise, improve and overcome, is too easily spread in the direction of the demons which I battle to tame, and resist to feed. Though I am far from what u was, it seems, despite my best efforts, I am forever one step away from what I could be. I like myself now, I know very well most fibres of my character but I struggle to trust myself, not my choices or chosen direction but my ability to restrain my vices. They creep slowly but soon become detrimental, quickly shifting from enjoyable to damaging and I worry that my now firmly established confidence and knowledge of self does not fear them enough to keep them at a safe distance, enabling them to keep a subtle but ever present grip on me. Bit of a pisser really! You’re a good dude Ben."  Male Client, in his late twenties

"Despite my problems being numerous and my mind being 'all over the place', I felt my counsellor managed to 'keep up with me' and enabled me to make some sense of what was happening and enabled me to find my own solutions."  
Female Client, in her 60’s

"Ben has helped me to understand the way I did and made me realise what is important in life."  Anon

"I have had therapy sessions with Ben for the last seven months. When I first came to him, I was unable to make any real decisions and those I did make were not right for me. I was going through a bad time due to a relationship break up after five years. Being abandoned by my partner brought up issues of insecurity, poor self image and lack of confidence. Through Ben's help, I have been given the opportunity to reflect on my life choices for the better and to deal with any problems as they have arisen. He has given me the coping strategies needed to deal with my life. I am now happier, more confident and ready to face life. I know that I still have some way to go but I also know that I can deal with these issues on my own without relying on others all the time." - Angela

"Ben is both professional and friendly, and I thoroughly recommend him as a therapist. If you are considering therapy, he's a great choice!" - Paul

"I felt at ease from the start of our sessions. It [counselling] made me look at myself from a different perspective, which made it easier for me to help myself" - Male Client, now retired

"My sessions with Ben turned overwhelmingly negative thoughts and feelings completely around. He provided me with the tasks and exercises to help reorganise my thoughts and has taught me to take time out for myself, to relax, be part of the present and not to feel guilty about that. I have incorporated everything that Ben has discussed with me into my daily routine; it has provided clarity and a sense of focus that I will use for many years to come. I have a long way to go, but know that Ben is there if I ever slide backwards. I cannot thank him enough." - Simon, Plymouth

"Ben was amazing from start to finish. He helped me when I was down and got me back on my own two feet again." - Anonymous client

"I felt a positive shift in my feelings, some good, some bad, but ultimately making me realise I needed to do the counselling to help me move forward." - Nick

"Client wanted 'help to deal with a traumatic event' and left the following feedback: 'I felt in a safe environment and completely safe at all times" - Female client, late 20’s

"You have always made me feel safe and secure" - T.A.

"When I met with Ben I was in quite a bad place with a range of confusing issues which were making me emotionally unhappy, insecure and angry. I was not sure if counselling would be the right route to help me, in fact I was not sure what would help. I found Ben through his website and contacted him via email. I found his response quick and accommodating. In the first session I was able to get a better handle on what was affecting me, and over the following sessions I was able to discuss specific situations and feelings and get a better understanding of why I reacted I did. Ben helped me with a number of coping strategies which helped me get perspective on my reactions and ultimate me helped me process them better. I wanted two outcomes from my time with Ben, firstly to be able to cope with my immediate problems and secondly to reduce the amount of stress I feel in life. Ben has helped me with these and I am now happy with my life." -
Male Client, late 30's

"At first, I was a bit apprehensive whether counselling was for me as I always envisioned it being like a scene from a movie; long couch, dimmed lights, intrusive questions etc. I conducted much research into different counsellors as I had to find the right one for me (If I am paying £40 per hour, I want to make sure I pick the correct one, right?) Well I did pick the right one, Ben is not your cliche councillor, Ben stood out above the rest. He stood out because he is real, he has lived a life and he has overcome some of life's difficult challenges. I didn’t want to open up and build a trusting relationship with someone who bases his/her knowledge from books. I wanted a real person, a person who has experienced pain, frustration, hurt, anxiety, anger, guilt, all of life's feelings. In my opinion, only someone who has lived and conquered these emotions, can advise me on how best to overcome and manage my own feelings. I spent 6 wonderful months with Ben and I can truly say I am a changed person. Ben will never judge you, he will always listen to you, he will always make you see a situation from a different angle. He doesn’t tell you what to do he does something much better; he makes you find the answers yourself! He helps you to understand some of the many questions that go around in your head, the questions that keep you awake at night or the questions that keep you isolated from life as you feel you’re a burden. If you want to feel real again and start living your life then without delay, I would pick up the phone and call Ben." - Female client, early 30's

"Totally blessed to have had Ben working with me. He totally changed my way of thinking and helped me to change how I cope with people and situations. He was calm and supportive and I felt I could talk openly to Ben. Every time I saw him I felt stronger." - Anonymous feedback received
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