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Plymouth Reviews On Our Trauma Counselling And Other Services

At Ben Selby Counselling in Plymouth, we offer various counselling services to help clients deal with multiple issues. Whether you need trauma counselling, relationship counselling, or clinical supervision, we are here to help. We have helped numerous clients overcome their problems, making them more confident and self-loving. You can read the reviews below from clients who have appreciated our services.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

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"Very helpful, well-paced programme of counselling. Stimulated self-help." 

- DL

Emotion-Focused Techniques

"Thanks, Ben! Your simple, easy-going, emotion-focused techniques got my husband and me talking about this tough stuff again—and quickly!"

- Happily married but needed a tune-up

Highly Recommend

"Ben was very compassionate and empathetic. Sessions were delivered at a pace that fit my needs, and I cared about the demons and issues I faced. It gave me some real mental tools that I will use to continue my healing journey. I will most definitely recommend this service and counsellor. Many thanks."

- Anonymous Client

Outstanding Counsellor

Ben offers a precious service. He works very hard to truly understand your issues and collaboratively works with you to map out a way to suit and adapt to your needs. An outstanding counsellor."

- David

Warm And Welcoming

"Ben was intuitive and quickly grasped what we were both struggling with. He gave us both time to speak and listened equally. He also challenged us both, which was appropriate and necessary. He was warm and welcoming. He also shared some information about himself, which helped build the relationship. I would recommend Ben to other people who need a straight-talking, non-fluffy counsellor, yet someone warm and empathic."

- Couples Client


"I have found Ben to be a warm and non-judgemental guide. With him, I have learned to be kinder to myself and to communicate better with others."

- Polly

Safe Space

"Despite experiencing trauma, I looked forward to my counselling sessions with Ben. I felt like I was talking to a friend in a safe space. I could see and feel my progress during sessions and knew Ben could too."

- A

Felt Listened And Understood

"It did exactly what I needed. I felt listened to and understood. I didn't feel judged, and I had things to take away from each session". 

- Curtis C.

Felt Listened And Understood

"It did exactly what I needed. I felt listened to and understood. I didn't feel judged, and I had things to take away from each session". 

- Curtis C.

Gained New Skills

"Ben seemed to resonate with what I needed at that time. I feel that I have gained new skills with which to move forward. In particular, I felt very heard and listened to. He remembered me and my story in a way other therapists haven't."

- Florist, Newton Abbot


"Very friendly, approachable, non-judgemental gentleman."

- Female, 58, Bereaved


"Ben provided such compassion and understanding that it was vital every week to feel reassured that he was there to listen, guide, and help find coping methods that could give strength to deal with such toxic and distressing issues."

- S. T.


"If you think therapy is odd, talking to a stranger about personal matters, my experience with Ben couldn't be any more different. Speaking to Ben, I felt comfortable. He listens non-judgmentally and can decipher what you may not be saying but feeling."

- Anonymous Client


"Ben is easy to work with as he responds to your needs by picking up on pertinent points or issues. I was fortunate to have worked through a previous work situation with him, so I did not have to start at the beginning. I would highly recommend Ben."

- Plymouth Teacher

Great Listener

"Ben is a great listener and gives you time and space to process. Without him, I would not have been able to make so much progress in moving forward in my life over the past year. He has taught me how to be kinder to myself."

- Anonymous Client

Excellent Therapist

"Ben is an excellent therapist who listens without judgement. He gave me many insightful things to think about and completely normalised what I was going through. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about therapy to give Ben a try".

- E.D.

Helped Me Understand My Thoughts

"I have really enjoyed my time with Ben! He has helped me understand my thoughts and overcome the things I have struggled with."

- Adam

Regained Control Of My Work

"Thanks to Ben, I regained control of my work and personal life. The hardest part was going in because I had become someone else. The easiest part was leaving six sessions later because Ben had helped me become me for the first time since I can remember."

- Police Office A – D&C

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