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Rely On Us For Psychotherapy Sessions In Plymouth

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to manage life's curveballs? Whether it's stress, anxiety or loss and bereavement issues, these challenges can be difficult to navigate on your own. That's where Ben Selby Counselling comes in. We're a professional psychotherapy and counselling service located in Plymouth, dedicated to helping you face life's hurdles and become stronger on the other side. Our team is passionate about providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. So, if you're ready to take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

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The Power Of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is not just about addressing long-standing issues but also a powerful tool for personal growth. It can provide invaluable support to those facing deep-rooted problems or looking to enhance their relationships.

At Ben Selby Counselling, we firmly believe in the inherent positivity of every individual. As a "person-centred" therapist, we view you as the expert on your life. By building a strong therapeutic relationship, we gain insight into your unique challenges and emotions, empowering you to make meaningful changes.

Our approach is a delicate balance between empathy and honesty, allowing you to confront and overcome obstacles with newfound strength. If you are in Plymouth or the surrounding areas, please get in touch with us for effective psychotherapy.

Counselling Services We Offer

At Ben Selby Counselling, we offer various counselling services, which include:

  • Abuse Counselling

  • Anxiety Counselling

  • Divorce Counselling

  • Emotional Problem Counselling

  • Self-Esteem Counselling

  • Trauma Counselling

  • Workplace Counselling

  • Counselling For Habits Or Cravings

  • Drug Counselling

  • Marriage Counselling

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Couples Counselling

  • Bereavement Counselling

  • Marriage Preparation And Guidance

Unlock Your Potential With Counselling

At Ben Selby Counselling, we offer counselling services that can change your life by giving you the tools to overcome challenges that might affect your happiness. Our sessions are designed to help you develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence in your choices. Our counsellor uses advanced methods and approaches to provide you with the best care and support. With our assistance, you can achieve a more satisfying life.

Through our counselling sessions, you'll gain:

  • Enhanced clarity on what truly matters to you

  • Greater self-confidence and trust in your abilities

  • The tools to unlock your hidden potential

  • A profound sense of self-acceptance and worthiness

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Life Coaching Services

In addition to psychotherapy and counselling, we offer life coaching and mentoring services tailored to your unique needs. Whether seeking emotional healing, career guidance, or improved relationships, our private coaching sessions can help you achieve your life goals.
With years of experience in psychotherapy and a deep understanding of diverse individuals, Ben Selby Counselling is your trusted partner on the path to personal growth and fulfilment. Contact us in Plymouth today. We look forward to your appointment.

Read Our Reviews

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Patient And Kind

​​"Ben enabled me to change my life; he is patient, kind, thoughtful, and challenging. Without him helping me reach my potential, I would not be able to have such a fulfilling life as I am now able to achieve. From being hopeless and unable to be around other people, Ben helped me face the challenges of natural communication confidently to the point that I could talk in front of 350 people in a theatre within a year. My relationships are now full of trust and joy. I also own and run a successful design company and project enabling autistic adults with employment-based social skills and training employers in the best management practice for autistic employees."

- Tim Wheeler

If Interested In Individual Or Couple Psychotherapy In Plymouth, Please Contact Us By Filling Out The Contact Form Or Calling 01752 216989

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