Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy to deal with all kinds of life situations

Need help to deal with long-standing issues? Contact Ben Selby Counselling for your first psychotherapy session in Plymouth today!

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy

In addition to long-standing issues, psychotherapy can be used as a form of personal development. It is also useful if you're having difficulties in maintaining your relationships. Counselling on the other hand is more event-specific like loss and bereavement or accident trauma.
I believe in the positive nature of all human beings and know that I will do my best to face difficult situations in my life. Being a 'person centred' therapist, I think that you are the expert in your life. By developing a relationship with you, I can get a deep understanding of your issues and feelings and support you with making the required changes in your life. I maintain a careful balance between sensitivity and frankness. This helps you deal more effectively with your troubles. If you're located in and around Plymouth, get in touch with Ben Selby Counselling.
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Benefit from my counselling 

  • Problems no longer control you as you have the power to control
  • Enhanced sense of what is important
  • Increased confidence and trust in self-judgement
  • The key to unlocking your potential
  • Self-acceptance and increased self-worth
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Helping you move forward with life coaching

You can benefit from life coaching in many aspects of life. Whether it is from an emotional aspect or to do with your career or relationships, I can provide private coaching to help you attain your life goals. With years of experience in psychotherapy and working with a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds, Ben Selby Counselling is your place to go.
"Ben enabled me to change my life; he is patient, kind, thoughtful and challenging. Without him helping me reach my potential, I would not be able to have such a fulfilling life as I am now able to achieve. From being hopeless and unable to be around other people Ben helped me to face the challenges of natural communication with confidence, to the point at which I was able to do a talk in front of 350 people in a theatre within a year. My relationships are now full of trust and joy, I also own and run a successful design company and project enabling adults with autism with employment based social skills as well as training employers in the best management practice for autistic employees." - Tim Wheeler

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for individual or couple psychotherapy.

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