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Achieve Wellness Through Hypnotherapy In Plymouth

At Ben Selby Counselling, we offer hypnotherapy services in Plymouth. Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses a state of induced relaxation to access the subconscious mind and make suggestions to facilitate positive behavioural changes. When used for relaxation purposes, hypnotherapy can provide significant physical and psychological benefits, regardless of your condition.


When combined with therapy, hypnotherapy can allow for reprogramming of the mind by removing negative "mind blocks" and enabling acceptance of new thoughts. This can enable you to improve your life by altering long-standing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Once hypnosis is achieved, benign suggestions can be assimilated and retained to facilitate positive change.

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Hypnotherapy Helps These Conditions

Below are some conditions where hypnotherapy may help to initiate change:

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Phobias And Panic Attacks

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Medical Issues And Sexual Problems

  • Sleep Problems And Insomnia

  • Confidence And Self-Esteem

  • Overcoming Fears

  • And More!

Improved Well-Being And Confidence

Ben Selby Counselling provides professional assistance to individuals struggling with various issues and challenges. Our services offer practical tools and support to help clients achieve their goals and improve their confidence and overall well-being. We specialise in hypnotherapy to help clients overcome bad habits and make positive changes. Our counselling services also involve supervising other therapists and counsellors in the Plymouth area. With our technical expertise and commitment to client success, we can help you resolve your problems and achieve your desired outcomes.

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Case Studies


As we continue to develop our website, we aim to showcase the benefits of hypnotherapy through case studies. We emphasise that client confidentiality and autonomy are fundamental to our practice. Therefore, we only publish case studies with the explicit permission of our clients. However, only some people wish to share their experiences publicly, so our case studies may be limited soon. The following case studies are intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and are not necessarily representative of all the clients we have treated.

Female Client – Early 20s

Jane (name changed) expressed her desire to lose weight. She had tried various methods but had become frustrated with the lack of results. During a free telephone assessment, we learned that Jane had been struggling with her weight for the last four to five years. She explained that being a housewife had led her to cook and bake to fill her time while waiting for her partner, who worked long and unsociable hours. Jane had tried several "crazy fad diets" that worked for her until she started eating normally again. She also admitted to "cheating" on her diet when she had particular cravings. Her Body Mass Index was measured, and Jane registered a BMI of 28.3. 


In June 2014, she started exercising regularly but was unsuccessful in losing weight despite her efforts. She found that she was exercising "to be able to eat more." We discussed hypnotherapy as a way to facilitate the changes she wanted to make. We also arranged a couple of acupuncture sessions (which we no longer offer) to "kick start" the weight loss. Jane attended the hypnotherapy session and was a good subject, quickly gaining a deep state of relaxation. During the follow-up sessions, she noted that her perception of food had changed massively since the hypnotherapy. She no longer desired to snack between meals, despite the office culture of snack foods during the mid-morning and afternoon. She was able to cut out crisps, biscuits, and cakes and felt that she had loads more energy. Despite reporting that her sleep pattern was often disrupted and she suffered from "a little insomnia," Jane also told me that she was sleeping much better.

Male Client – Late 50s

John (name changed) reached out to us seeking help to quit smoking. He had started at 16 due to peer pressure and had made several unsuccessful attempts to quit since then. "I regret ever starting," John lamented during our phone assessment. At the time, he was smoking 20 cigarettes daily, from the moment he woke up, after meals, with tea or coffee, and during his evening outings at the local pub. His dependence on cigarettes disheartened John, and he eagerly looked forward to breaking free from their grip. However, he was well aware of the challenges ahead; most of his pub friends were smokers, and smoking was deeply ingrained in their social activities.


During our conversations, John openly discussed his struggles with staying committed to quitting. He acknowledged that previous attempts had faltered due to wavering dedication. When asked to rate his commitment during the assessment, John assessed it at 6 out of 10. We scheduled a session for him a week later, allowing him to cancel if he wasn't ready. Yet, on the day of the session, John arrived determined, announcing that he had smoked his last cigarette and was prepared to quit. What followed was a profound and emotional hypnotherapy session.


A follow-up session was arranged four weeks later, aligning with the NHS standard for defining smoking cessation. This session was celebratory, acknowledging John's success while reinforcing the suggestions from the initial hypnotherapy. Despite occasional temptations, John had not smoked since his first session, a remarkable feat considering his four-decade-long habit. We also discussed the positive outcomes of his decision to quit, including saving over two hundred pounds during his period of abstinence. Today, John no longer desires to smoke or feels the pull of cigarettes.

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Supported Throughout

"Thank you for all the support you have given me in the last few weeks. It has meant a lot, and I know I am heading in the right direction."

- Tim Wheeler

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